Station Next / Activities


- 20 film camps per year
- 200 day courses per year
- 7 Greenhouse classes a year
- A range of courses for students
- A range of courses for teachers
- A range of teaching materials
- Participation in festivals worldwide
- Cooperation with other international film education organizations



School Classes from all over Denmark

- The students work as a professional team throughout preproduction, production and postproduction
- The class receive our material and start the scriptwriting process
- Our producers visit the class and initiate the preproduction process
- The students spend four days at Station Next going through the production and postproduction processes
- The students show their films at a premiere in our cinema
- All productions use our online production tool See the presentation in English  

The film crew
The students work in the same way as a film crew each student working with the tasks of one or more of the job functions.


Day courses within the curriculum of general education

School Classes from all over Denmark

- Hands on courses taught by film professionals targeting different subject matter/job functions in film production:
- Idea development
- Production planning
- Editing
- Scriptwriting
- Production design
- Screen acting
- Sound design
- Storyboarding
- Stunt co-ordination
- Directing
- Cinematography
- Documentary

Greenhouse for young talents

Young film talents may start when they are between 14 and 18 years old

- Our students attend classes one evening per week for three years
-They study most aspects of filmmaking
- Workshops in filmmaking skills alternate with practical film production sessions
- Our students make two major short films per year
- All productions use our online production tool See the presentation in English

The objective is
- To nourish, encourage, support and challenge young film talents
- To teach our students the craftsmanship of filmmaking
- To establish contact between young filmmakers and the film industry
- To help establishing networks between young filmmakers
- Watch productions from the Station Next Greenhouse