Station Next / About Station Next

About Station Next

Station Next is a film school for young people between the age of 13 and 18 from all over Denmark.

We have four main activities and a variety of short or long-term projects and the development of teaching materials. In total, we hold more than 10,000 student couses per. year.

What we do
    •     We give the students hands-on experience and responsibility for their own productions
    •     We use professional filmmakers as teachers/coaches
    •     We work in a realistic film environment – the students work in crews as they would on a professional production
    •    We place the focus on the final product  – this improves the production process
    •    We are based in The Film Town in Copenhagen and Aarhus Jutland. We cooperate with youth film schools all over Denmark
    •    We cooperate with film initiatives for youth world wide

Who are we
Station Next was created in 2000 as the result of a joint pedagogical, film and TV initiative.
The founders are:
    •    The Municipality of Hvidovre
    •    The Youth Town
    •    Danish Children and Youth Film Clubs
    •    The Association of Danish Film and TV Producers
    •    Nordisk Film and TV A/S
    •    Zentropa Productions A/S
    •    TV2 Denmark
    •    The Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Why is it nessisary
    •    There is no film training available for young people
    •    There is no formal film education included in teacher training courses
    •    There is limited flexibility in the school time table
    •    There is a lack of equipment and skills in schools
    •    Filmmaking is difficult and time-consuming